How to join the group

The annual membership fee is on an individual basis (not for a company) and it is $60 regardless of the time of joining the group.

The membership is for January 1 to December 31. The membership dues are used for event preparation, website server and maintenance fees, gifts for seminar speakers, office supplies, postage, copying fees, etc.
If you like to join please download recommendation letter template and have a current member send the letter to officer e-mail, Upon approval,  a message with a link  will be sent to you to access website for membership payment using PayPal.

Download the Agreement form

Download the recommendation letter example

Membership renewal

The renewal period is December 1-Jan 31. If you do not renew on time you will need to join as a new member following How to Join a Group above. For renewal please read the agreement form before clicking  Agree button before PayPal payment.

Note: If you have a problem using PayPal, please check your browser version and use a newer browser or a different browser.